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Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Is the fault in our stars or the words that we choose to speak????

These days, thought provoking questions keep encountering to my mind one after another but the latest thought that just cropped up, the moment I began to write was….’How life would have had been without words and language?’. How would humans or say homo sapiens or whatever… manage without words? Inventions of words and language did really add to some substance or it made the existing things worsen like human conflicts, grudges, resentment, etc?

I feel, today most of the humans do not use those words that heal. Indeed, they use the words that hurt. What is the use of a privilege of having too many words when humans end up in speaking whatever without even thinking for a fraction of moment, only to realize later on that these words have been transformed into wounds?

I have always dreamt of ‘Unspoken Love’. Therefore, I ‘Wish’ to recede to the time when ‘SILENCE’ alone would be powerful enough to take care of one’s emotional needs. All I can do is just to make a wish but something out acts like an eye-opener…               

“The world is not a wish-granting factory.” 

 ‘The Fault In Our Stars’… I don’t know what you did to me but amidst the ongoing chaos around me, you imparted a divine glimpse of everlasting love to me. A love that is competent of connecting one soul to another. Ultimately, it is not a dictionary full of love-bound words, spoken just for the sake of speaking but it is one’s soul-touching gestures that pave the way for one’s love.

   ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ will remain Eternal till Eternity for       me and so you both will be… Augustus and Hazel !!!!

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